hello im back did i miss smth??

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Octroyeber - favourite tweets

@troyesivan: hobbies include laughing at my own tweets

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"I’m insecure about a lot and I think everybody is, I think that’s called just being human. We live in a world where everyone is taught to be insecure about who they are which is so lame. Truth of the matter is, my friends, is that you’re probably the only person that notices all these insecurities, most people around you are too busy thinking about their own insecurities to focus on yours, and if they are focusing on you then you know that they’re really insecure about their stuff because they have to make you feel bad in order to feel better about themselves, and that’s pretty lame."

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your smile is all I really need to ease fear, dissapointment or doubt
your smile lightens my heart and it’s something I never want to be without

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"Highschool Musical 4 is being made." YouNow 15.10.14

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there are so many emojis why do people still text me with words

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